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Rachlin Management Corporation has been managing properties for over 30 years, specializing in personalized service tailored to the individual needs of each of the buildings we manage. In order to provide these services and continuously maintain our high service-level standards, we consciously limit the number of properties we manage.

Since we are a small and specialized firm, we consider our reputation to be the backbone of our business. Our property portfolio ranges from 45 to 300-plus units in size; all of which have retained our services through recommendations from clients, Presidents, Board Members, and other industry professionals. All referrals emphasize the personal and custom-tailored attention we provide to their property.

Our Clients Say...

I have been on the Georgian House Board of Directors for more years that I would like to remember.  During those years we have dealt with several management companies.  After due diligence and interviewing several management companies, we engaged Rachlin Management Corp.

We have been with Rachlin for several years and have never regretted our choice. They have been responsive to our needs and questions. During this time, under their guidance, we have done extensive brickwork; updated building electric system; installed a dual burner heating system and completed the replacement of our two elevators. As President, I frequently deal with their back-office staff and have found them equally responsive and knowledgeable.

Lorraine A. Peters
Georgian House Board of Directors

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Rachlin is a full-service management company providing a range of management services. Please click below to view our list of management services.

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